Boundaries For May The Fish Be With You Surf Fishing Tournament

We are excited for tomorrow’s tournament!!! We are less than 19 hours away!
May The Fish Be With You.

May The fish Be With You surf fishing tournament, delaware, sussex county, star wars parody,
May The fish Be With You surf fishing tournament

Boundaries and rules from Parks … To the red line gang for 3Rs

Big shout out to parks for allowing us to use more beach on 3Rs.
All of DSSP beaches are open use the signs for no vehicle access for the cut off points. Most will be fishing 3Rs, it has been hot. Walk on anglers in front of the southside inlet cannot fish within 75 yards of the jetty. We will show you where the sut off is that is Andrew’s territory, one of our esteemed judges.
Details from the permit …
EVENT DETAILS: Fishing tournament beginning at 7:00 am and concluding at 3:00 pm. The permitted vehicle access is 3 R’s Road to the southernmost pedestrian dune crossing at South Inlet Day area south of Indian River Inlet. All vehicles must display a valid surf fishing permit and enter the designated area from 3 R’s Road. Properly permitted vehicles driven by tournament judges may drive up to the South Inlet Day Area boardwalk for the purpose of monitoring the tournament and scoring catches. The tournament is also permitted to take place at Key Box, Conquest, and Faithful Stewart. Alcohol may not be consumed outside of the drive-on area or outside of the licensed portion of Big Chill Beach Club.

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surf fishing tournament, may the fish be with you, delaware, sussex county, delaware state parks
Boundaries for 3Rs for May The Fish BE With You

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE annnnnnnnddddd


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