Bluefish Finally Arrived in Droves

Bluefish where are they?

This has been the question of the past couple months. Where are they, why aren’t we seeing a lot? Now you know why the creel limits were changed drastically. Their numbers are down.
The summer bluefish have finally arrived in Delaware in large numbers. The past months have been random catches at best. Now people are bailing them when a school swims past the beach just in the last couple of days. Bluefish are easy to catch just use the right gear.

The DS Custom Tackle modified mullet rig will do very well catching more fish and using less bait. The holder hook keeps the mullet in place for better hook ups. The DS Custom Tackle surf rig has a circle hook on it that will hook up fish real well. Even the top and bottom rigs will catch summer bluefish. They will eat anything. Lot of fun just throwing shiny spoons for them too. Wait for the schools to start swimming by and cast lures to the fish. If you are soaking bait just sit and wait, no need to cast into a school. That is one way to lose a rig.

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