Bill Drafted To Allow Sunday Deer Hunting In Delaware


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Sunday Deer Hunting Bill Draft For Delaware

Sunday hunting in Delaware has been a huge debate over the years.  Not just in our state but several states.  It is one of the “blue laws” that many feel is antiquated.  I attended the monthly Delaware Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus meeting the other day and this was the main subject.  There were a lot of good points brought up about deer management issues with numbers, license fees, and the possibility of reducing the stock.  Which if you know anything about our huge deer population, it is estimated it will not be affected.  Sunday deer hunting would not cost a hunter extra money.  The Bill sponsored by Representatives Carson and  Spiegelmen, and Senators Pettyjohn and  Ennis would only allow deer hunting on private land during the current seasons.  This would enable many hunters to double their hunting days or chances, I know a lot of hard-working folks that can only hunt on weekends.  Since it will not cost any more hunters will get more bang for their buck, a great pun passed around the meeting.  One of the jokes around my area is if no one is at the job site make sure it is not hunting season, and don’t start any new projects just before deer season.  Over the past few years there has been a decline in hunting licenses sold, this has adversely effected many of DNREC’s maintenance and projects that hunting revenue pays for.  It is hoped that Sunday hunting will not only help increase hunting license revenue with more licenses purchased, but also give more kids a chance to be mentored in the sport.  It will also create more crop damage control for farmers who can allow hunters to use their land on a Sunday.  Even the leasing of land would increase since an extra day could be charged for that lease.  Economically, Sunday deer hunting will help Delaware’s communities.  Hunting on state lands would still be off-limits, but if a hunter had to track, recover, or follow a deer they shot onto public land, that would be allowed as well.


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Piebald deer in Cape Henlopen State Park
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This is a win win for hunters and non hunters alike to be able to enjoy their weekends doing what they love the most, being in the outdoors.  As a landowner myself it also increases my rights as a property owner.  I own land, I should be able to do as I please on my own property, and that includes deer hunting.  If you are worried that people shooting guns while hunting on a Sunday is disruptive, that is just not so.  I hear more people target practicing on a Sunday during hunting season than any other day of the week and believe me it can last for hours.  Any hunter worth his salt usually only has to take one shot, usually and then track and dress the deer.  By allowing Sunday deer hunting that target practice would most likely stop, since people will be hunting and not just target shooting for practice or fun.  If you are for Sunday deer hunting on private land I suggest you contact your state representatives this week and next, to let them know you are all for this happening.  “I checked with Rep. Carson’s staff assistant and she said they are planning to officially file the bill next Wednesday (March 16th).  It probably will be heard in committee the following Wednesday, March 23rd. “    Stephanie  Mantegna, Delaware House of Representatives Communications Officer – Republican Caucus

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