Bethany Beach Votes For Resolution Opposing Seismic Testing


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Bethany Beach Town council reading the seismic testing resolution before voting.

This afternoon the Bethany Beach town council met and one of the items on the agenda was seismic testing.  They had a resolution ready to vote on against seismic testing and I am happy to announce they passed the resolution unanimously.  Despite the fact the white house just shut down drilling in the Atlantic Ocean for the next five years.  Seismic testing is still an issue since the companies that do this still have permits in play and their data could be used by other industries.  I spoke to the town council just to reiterate the fact we are still fighting seismic testing off of the east coast.  If drilling is brought up again in five years, this seismic data could still be used and sold by these companies.  That is one reason they still want to do seismic testing.  You would think it is a moot point with offshore drilling shut down, but in fact seismic testing could still be done off the east coast.  If and when offshore drilling and seismic testing is brought up again in the future, it is good to know so many towns and organizations have spoken up against it this time around.  It will help in the future to fight this issue again.

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