Beach Plum Island State Park Update


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Beach Plum Island State Park dunes after storm Jonas
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Visited Beach Plum Island State Park  yesterday and the drive on section is now open.  The bay breached the drive on access and pushed sand half way tot he Broadkill River.  There are two more breaches further south on the beach.  The dunes held up for the most part and did their job.  They are “cliffed” and look like a mini version of the ocean beaches.  The beach has a lot more sand on it it seems than several weeks ago, or that is just form the storm pushing more up there.  You can see the surf line has that scalloped look of mini cuts.  I imagine that will smooth out eventually.  Driving is not a problem the sand is packed well, and it is a bit loose closer to the closed section by the old ship beams along the dune line.  There are old dune fence posts sticking up so be careful of those some are only sticking a few inches out of the sand.   The water looked horrible with silt and sand.

Broadkill Beach Replenishment Project


delaware bay beach, bpi, beach plum island state park, broadkill beach, sussex county, storm jonas, blizzard 2016
Breach on the southern end of Beach Plum Island

The beach replenishment project for Broadkill Beach is about two hundred plus yards north of the walk on area.  You can see a lot of grey sand and water.  That is not helping the water clarity at Beach Plum Island.  Hopefully after that project is done the water will clear up.  It will be interesting to see how the structure changes after the sand settles more from the replenishment project.   I am convinced that the surf structure will change due to the Broadkill Beach replenishment project. That is a lot of sand above the beach that eventually will wash south.   The holes out front were shallower this fall by almost half compared to last year.  Only time will tell what  that sand will do to Beach Plum Island.

Fish On!!

Rich King

beach plum island drive on access,delaware, susssexcounty
drive on access breach pushed sand towards the Broadkill River
sussex county, bpi, beach plum island, plum beach new york
lot of debris on the drive on access road
horseshoe crabs, broadkill beach, delaware bay beach, beach plum island state park
lots of little and large horseshoe crabs every where
breach of dunes, broadkill river
Dune breach with Broadkill River in background
beach plum island, bpi, delaware, sussex county
looking north you can see the scalloping though small on the beach
broadkill beach replenishment project, delaware, sussex county,
Broadkill beach replenishment project is not that far away
broadkill river access
Broadkill river access is clear but really muddy
broadkill river, beach plum island access, delaware, sussex county, tributary to Delaware Bay
River banks are okay and ready for fishing


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