Beach Conditions Hidden Hazard At Northside

The beaches have been getting a little pummeled this week. These pop up storms and heavy winds can do a quick facial on any beach surface. The slope to the water is steep on all of the beaches. Water is pushing up to and over the edge at high tide. The surf break will pummel someone not paying attention.

The water is clear and clean below the inlet more so than the north when I was down there, and the waves are little heavy. Holding with five ounces at least was not too bad for a top and bottom rig. A mullet rig or any floated surf rig will need more weight or a sputnik. The heavy haze is due to the upwelling still occurring the water is much cooler than normal.

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Looking north from the bridge at Faithful Steward. Very hazy today too

Water breaking that close to the surf is dangerous, it can break your neck. There is also a hazard on northside beach. A largepiece of rock, asphalt, or an old cement slab is sticking up out of the sand, about a 100 yards north of the jetty. At low tide you can barely see it at high tide it is not even noticeable. A swimmer, or surfer could have a really bad day running into this. Picture below is at low tide.

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Southside into 3Rs is packed today and hazy as hell. The water is clean looking though

For a Thursday the beaches are stacked and packed in some areas. If you want to know what the least crowded an dost crowded beaches are check them all on a Wednesday. Southside at the Indian River Inlet is packed and so is the parking lot.

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Rock in the surf at Northside beach, serious water hazard. Appears to be a cement slab covered in mussels. .. photo from Lewis McCullough

Cape Henlopen had a small drop off yesterday but it has smoothed out today. Don’t park too close to the edge of the slope. Water is pushing up and over. Your tires will sink a bit when that happens. If that occurs, let it happen, then very slowly back off, but wait for the water to drain off. Do not do that in soaking wet sad it can cause you to sink quick.

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The slope of the beach is steep on all of Delaware’s beaches. Notice the surf break almost on the beach. This is at Keybox

The old Coast Guard tower base is exposed again. The sand relocation program that the feds (ACOE) pay for is now being paid for by Delaware with the promise of us being paid back. These is the same people who don’t have the money to fix the wall on the northside. With the heavy crowds and what not, it is hard to move sand in the summer, I am told.

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