Beach conditions and fishing report

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Striped bass at IRI on Oct 6 … photo from Debi Workman

All drive on beaches are open except Keybox in Delaware Seashore state park, the parking lot there is closed as well.  Everywhere else is open, and the beaches are flat, with tide pools, and the water is still dirty but starting to clear up.  It gets skinny at high tide so be careful where you park.  If you cross a empty tide pool remember they can fill up hundreds of yards from you and then all of a sudden there is water between you and the dunes.  It is a long walk but it would be better to park along the tide pools above the water line.  There are  a few places to drive closer to the surf between tide pools but they are few and far between.  Be careful crossing the tide pools due to deep water and loose sand that you will sink in, do NOT drive across these pools.  Driving off the point at high tide in the evening is a little rough, you will be on an incline and the sand is getting looser as it dries out.  Water temperature in the surf is roughly 65 degrees, and the surrounding areas … Masseys Landing temp 64.5 which peaked to 66.5 at low tide, Delaware Bay, Lewes DE … 64.7, Brandywine Shoal light …64.9, Reedy Point … 65.8,  and Delaware City … 64.9.  These were the temperatures at 10 AM this morning.  The air temperature will hit eighty degrees today.  Saturday and Sunday will be chilly with highs in the upper sixties.  Saturday will be windy and a little calmer on Sunday.  Expect some rain later this evening, possibly this afternoon, because we haven’t had enough of that.  There is a huge difference between today and a week ago.  Leaves are falling off the trees and the fall colors are starting to appear.


tautog, tog, sheepshead, katydid, atlantic ocean fish, delaware, sussex county
Tautog and sheepshead caught on the Katydid

Fishing is getting better.  The Cape Henlopen pier has a ton of little blues around, and some short striped bass.  Mullet and spoons are working well for catching.  Good luck finding mullet between the DMS tournament this weekend and the fact no one can seem to find any it is difficult getting fresh mullet.   I haven’t seen any mullet near the pier the past 3 days, no one has, and the back tidal creeks hardly have any in them.  Clams would be a good bait in the surf for any redfish and large striped bass moving about.  Bluefish are more prevalent on the southern beaches, than Cape Henlopen.  I have seen catches up to eighteen inches.  Striped bass shorts are all over the Indian River Inlet, just put in the time, sand fleas are still in the surf. The tautog bite and occasional sheepshead are at the, haystacks, inner and outer  walls and Delaware Bay structure.  The Katydid has been loading up on tautog.  Some friends of mine did real well at the outer wall yesterday.  The offshore bite was really heating up until the storm hit, and people are chomping at the bit to get back out there.  Have a great weekend and be safe driving, seems there are some crazy people out there today.

Fish On!

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Tides at Indian River Inlet ….. 

10/09 Fri 12:35 AM 0.48 L
10/09 Fri 06:59 AM 2.75 H
10/09 Fri 12:45 PM 0.48 L
10/09 Fri 07:22 PM 2.97 H
10/10 Sat 01:15 AM 0.43 L
10/10 Sat 07:40 AM 2.87 H
10/10 Sat 01:29 PM 0.43 L
10/10 Sat 07:59 PM 2.96 H






NOAA Buoy 44009 data … 

Wind Direction (WDIR): S ( 190 deg true )
5-day plot - Wind Speed Wind Speed (WSPD): 19.4 kts
5-day plot - Wind Gust Wind Gust (GST): 23.3 kts
5-day plot - Wave Height Wave Height (WVHT): 4.3 ft
5-day plot - Dominant Wave Period Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 5 sec
5-day plot - Average Period Average Period (APD): 4.4 sec
5-day plot - Mean Wave Direction Mean Wave Direction (MWD): SSW ( 197 deg true )
5-day plot - Atmospheric Pressure Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.95 in
5-day plot - Pressure Tendency Pressure Tendency (PTDY): -0.08 in ( Falling )
5-day plot - Air Temperature Air Temperature (ATMP): 68.4 °F
5-day plot - Water Temperature Water Temperature (WTMP): 67.3 °F
5-day plot - Dew Point Dew Point (DEWP): 65.7 °F
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 10 meters (WSPD10M): 21.4 kts
5-day plot - Wind Speed at 10 Meters Wind Speed at 20 meters (WSPD20M): 23.3 kts



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