Beach Conditions and Cape Henlopen Breaches


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Breach in Cape Henlopnen State Park at Gordons Pond

The beaches are flat, and at low tide look a mile wide.  Compared to the summer many people will not recognize them this year.  No chance the state will be able to have them replenished before or by the summer.  Personally I am curious to see how they do on their own building back up.  The dunes are all sheared off and there are three big breaches from Herring Point to Gordons Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park.  By the way Navy Crossing is still closed at the drive on access.  Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island state park are all the same.  Flat beaches and wide at low tide.  Above average high tides are covering three-quarters of the beach to the dune line.  So be prepared this coming spring and summer to keep an eye on the tide.  I think some people are in for a shock on the way the beaches look now and will look this summer.  The surfers have been loving the wave conditions with all the new sandbars.


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breach in dunes, cape henlopen state park, chsp, delaware, sussex county
Breach behind the firewatch tower at Gordons Pond

The good news is if you check the beaches at low tide you can really see where the structure is located.  The beaches once again have the profile that is usually in the water in front of you cut into the exposed part of the beach.  I always say the best way to read a beach is at low tide after a storm.  I have all the spots on my phone’s GPS, nope not posting those.  The point area near conquest is getting bigger.  If you don’t know what I am referring too just go to Faithful Steward and look north.  The spot where the beach appears to go up hill and juts out is getting longer.  The sand from all the washed out dunes is traveling north and building that area up.  I would really like to see that small point and cove like area at Faithful Steward come back.  That used to be some great fishing.  the water created a giant hole or bowl out there that held a lot of fish.  Hurricane Sandy and the breach wiped that out and it has yet to recover, and the constant nor’easters are not allowing it to do so.  We will see what the next few months of natural rebuilding will do to the beaches.  Hopefully we don’t have any more heavy storms.  Just be careful at high tide and there are swales, do not drive through the wet sand.  I will check the point in a couple of days.  The beach combing has been awesome again.  Whelk shells as far as the eye can see.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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