Beach Combing Is A Treasurefest On East Coast


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Live whelks and empty whelks as far as the eye could see today.

The storm rearranged the beaches from North Carolina To New York.  The dunes are sheered off at every Delaware coast town.  The board walk in Rehoboth is covered in sand.  There are several breaches from Fenwick to Broadkill Beach.  I ran around today and took some pictures of each area.  I still have to hit up Lewes, which flooded along the canal and the marsh up to the steps of the Daily Mart.  The drive on beaches are all closed, York crossing looked open the fence was down.  There is debris on all ramps, DNREC is evaluating the dunes and once crossings are cleared I am sure they will be open.  However …  They might wait to see how high tide does for the next day or so.  The point was not too bad at high tide today I was told.  The beaches are flat.  The debris lines have its own kind of beach glass and other hazards to pop tires.  Be patient, parks will get the drive on beaches open soon.  The inlet is missing a lot of sand between the walkway and the jetty cap.


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Handful of sea glass … Matt Adams

There were whelk shells and live whelks all over the beaches.  In the cuts piled by the hundreds and lined up along the little shelf in the surf and bottoms of surf pools.  Never seen that many whelk shells in one spot.  This was every 30 to 50 yards along miles of beach.  Lots of sea glass, other goodies.  You are not allowed to keep the live whelks/conchs.  Many people were putting them back in the water. “This is the first time I have ever been able to pick and choose which shells I want.  I’m putting the live ones back in the water, there are so many.  We are finding all kinds of sea glass too!”  People were up and down the beaches walking and picking up the shells they liked and putting live conchs back in the ocean.  There was a good amount of people on the beach for a Monday but then schools were closed.  Families were beach combing and metal detecting I saw a whole family go surfing.  People were shocked and happy to see the beaches.  Happy they were still here and shocked at what they saw.  “You could set up a beach chair on the board walk and be at the beach.”  It is hard to look at but the beaches took a hard hit and retained their beauty.  Water was calm with nice wave sets today.



whale vertebrae on beach,n north carolina, hatteras beach, beach combing, blizzard 2016, storm jonas, noreaster, metal detecting
Possible Whale Vertebrae we found on Hatteras today … Brittany France

From DNREC  …….   CONCHS
Conch (channeled and knobbed whelk) may only be taken using conch pots with at least one escape vent measuring at least 5 inches x 10 inches in the top or parlor section. The recreational harvest of conch by any other method is prohibited. Recreational conch potters may not use, place, set or tend more than two conch pots. The person claiming to own the pots must be the one to set and tend them. These pots must be marked with all white buoys with the owner’s full name and permanent mailing address inscribed either on the buoy or on a waterproof tag attached to the buoy. All conch pots must be tended at least once every 72 hours. Conch must measure at least 6 inches along the axis or have a minimum diameter at the whorl of 3.5 (3 1⁄2) inches for knobbed whelk or 3.125 (3 1⁄8) inches for channeled whelk.

Probably not a good idea to keep any live whelks as much a nice fresh fritter sounds delicious.   

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Whalevertenrae,north carolina,hatteras beach, delaware, sussex county,beach combing find,
Possible Whale Vertebrae we found on Hatteras today … Brittany France

After Hatteras Beach cleared of waves and flooding.  My friend Brittany France found a rather rare beach combing prize.  Most likely a vertebrae or there is some one missing a dinosaur bone.  She posted that they came across this today on the beach.  You never know what will wash up in a storm.  I have no idea what they did with this or if they contacted the state biologists.  That would look great in the man cave.  Every time the tide rolls in and out it will cover and uncover treasures all week. The big stuff usually needs a good push.  Like a storm. Sea glass is all over the place.  I found some great pieces of drift wood in my travels.  I could have spent all day beach combing, there is always tomorrow.  I would love to find a whale bone … or a new car.

    You can read the beaches very well right now.  Just go at low tide in the late afternoon to early evening this week and look at all the cuts on the beach.  That profile is what it normally looks like out front in the water, remember where that spot is and what it looks like.

glass on beach, delaware, sussex county
Lot of hazards in the debris lines be careful driving.
Old Coast Guard tower base,delaware, sussex county, indian river inlet,
Old Coast Guard tower base.

This is when a camera phone comes in handy with that GPS feature.  Little hint, the cuts rarely change locations they just get carved in the upper beach more pronounced.   You can get a real look at the structure under the surf.  There are tide pools and swales everywhere.   The water is clearing up but stirred with sand still.  The sand in the wash is fast and deep.  The jetties are exposed on all beaches.  There are links below to the face book pages with pictures.  The link will let you open the page and see the pictures.  Fishing will get back to normal in a couple of days.  The water is down for the most part and not coming back up.  Low tide tomorrow will be fun to check for more goodies.

Fish On!!

Rich King

Beach Plum Island State Park

Broadkill Beach 

Gordons Pond  parking lot was open not all beach access are

Rehoboth Beach

Indian Beach Breach  (Dewey)

Northside Indian River Inlet

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