Beach Combing Is Good


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Beach glass and a sand dollar found today by Matt Adams.

The beauty of a nor’easter are the treasures that are unveiled everyday.  Beach glass has been easy to find this week and so are sand dollars.  The hard part for some people is where to look for beach glass, if you know where to look beach glass is much easier to find.  Honestly it can be anywhere at any given time, but there are a few things to look for to find more.  I have had pieces just wash up next to my feet while I am surf fishing.  All of the beaches are good to look, one beach is not better than another.  You definitely want to look at low tide and on a beach that has had less traffic.  Those are usually picked over real good.  Each tide cycle reveals more treasures.

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You have to look in the areas where the rocks collect.  The small to large pebbles will collect in spots along the beaches. That is where you can find the most beach glass.  It is also a good place to find shark’s teeth.  Which are usually sand shark teeth so they are very small and hard to spot.  Most of us have our eyes “programmed” to find beach glass.  A good way to find shark’s teeth is look in those collections of stone and dig through them.  In the summer time surf fishing in front of the areas where the rocks collect is a great place to catch kingfish.

Fish On!

Rich King

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