ASMFC Meets today About The Striped Bass Stock Assessment Listen To It Live

Today from 10:15 to 2:30 pm the ASMFC will finally meet about the striped bass stock assessment. The question is what will they do with the information we already know? How will they protect the fishery, or will they even bother? Get ready to hear several people try to change the threshold numbers so they can continue to kill more bass and further deplete the stocks. Yes, this happens often at these meetings.

You can listen to the meeting live at the webinar link. ASMFC 2019 Spring Meeting.
People always complain they can not attend these meetings, but you can always listen in and even comment at times.
The agenda for the striped bass meeting is below.

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10:15 AM – 2:30 PM
(includes lunch break)
Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board Benchmark Assessment Supplemental

Welcome/Call to Order (M. Armstrong)
Board Consent
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Proceedings from February 2019
Public Comment
2018 Atlantic Striped Bass Benchmark Stock Assessment Action
Presentation of Stock Assessment (M. Celestino)
Presentation of Peer Review Report (R. Latour)
Consider Acceptance of 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment and Peer Review Report for Management Use (M. Armstrong)
Consider Management Response to the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment (M. Armstrong) Action
Review Technical Committee Report on Reductions Needed to Achieve Fishing Mortality Reference Points in 2020 (N. Lengyel)
Review Adaptive Management Timeline (M. Appelman)
Consider Forwarding Comments to NOAA Fisheries Opposing Proposed Measures to Lift Ban on Recreational Striped Bass Fishing in Federal Block Island Sound Transit Zone (M. Armstrong) Action
Other Business/Adjourn

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