ASMFC Atlantic Herring Section Sets Specifications for 2013 – 2015

ASMFC Atlantic Herring Section Sets Specifications for 2013 – 2015


Alexandria, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Herring Section has set the annual catch limit (ACL) for the 2013 – 2015 fishing seasons at 107,800 metric tons (mt), an 18% increase from 2010 – 2012 limits. For all three years, the ACL is further subdivided by Atlantic herring management areas as follows: Area 1A = 31,200 mt, Area 1B = 4,600 mt, Area 2 = 30,000 mt, and Area 3 = 42,000 mt.  The Area 1A sub-ACL will be distributed seasonally with 72.8% available from June 1 – September 30 and 27.2 % available from October 1 – December 31.  The specifications are the same as those adopted by the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC). The table below outlines the Commission’s herring specifications for 2013-2015.

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Summary of ASMFC Atlantic Herring Specifications for 2013-2015.  The ACL and sub-ACL values will be modified at a later date to account for overages from the 2011 fishery.


Metric Tons

Overfishing Limit

169,000 – 2013
136,000 – 2014
114,000 – 2015

Allowable Biological Catch


Annual Catch Limit (ACL)

/Optimal Yield


Sub-ACL Area 1A


Sub-ACL Area 1B


Sub-ACL Area 2


Sub-ACL Area 3


Research Set-Aside (2014 and 2015 only)

3% of each Sub-ACL

Fixed Gear Set-Aside (1A)








The Section also initiated the development of Draft Addendum VI to the Atlantic Herring FMP.  The Draft Addendum will include options for seasonal splitting of the sub-ACLs and establishment of sub-ACL quota triggers through the specification process. The Draft Addendum will propose triggers for closing the directed fishery (1) in a management area when 92% of the sub-ACL is projected to be reached, and (2) in all management areas when 95% of the stock-wide ACL (107,800 mt) is projected to be reached. A 2,000 pound trip limit will continue after directed fisheries are closed. These triggers are intended to prevent quota overages of both the sub-ACLs and the total ACL.  The Draft Addendum also proposes to allow for up to 10% carryover of unharvested sub-ACLs.  The measures proposed in the Draft Addendum are consistent with NEFMC’s Framework 2.




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