Angler Rescued From South Jetty


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Thelma Elizabeth … The poor Fisherman was getting hit with waves like this. He kept climbing higher
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A few days ago some anglers up north were rescued from the south jetty at Reedy Point on the C&D canal.  They were trapped by high water on the unusually high tide.  A few days later it happened down here.

On Saturday the Coast Guard was called to help rescue an angler from the jetty at the south side of the Indian River Inlet.  The angler climbed halfway up the tower to avoid the waves crashing into the rocks.  The Coast Guard called in the Bethany Beach Swift Water Rescue.  By the time the water rescue jet ski made it there the angler was plucked form the inlet.   Two brave surfers took a life jacket out to the trapped angler and they were all washed into the inlet.  The big boat, the 47, picked up the angler and one of the surfers.  The other one paddled safely to shore.  Huge thanks to the Indian River Coast Guard crew and the quick thinking of everyone involved.  Getting stuck on the end of those rocks with pounding waves is not a place anyone wants to be, nor will they be there long.  Make sure you not only have the wet gear to be out there, but also Korkers or some type of spiked shoes meant for walking on jetties..  Always and I mean always keep an eye on your surroundings and do not go out there alone.  Using the buddy system could have made this a much easier rescue two people can get away from this bad situation easier than one.  Keeping an eye on your surroundings and knowing the limits of the area you are fishing is important.  Again having the proper gear is a must, you can’t just walk out there in sneakers and fish.

Angler being pulled from the inlet by the Coast Guard

Thelma Elizabeth ... Surfer headed out with life jacket to angler
Thelma Elizabeth … Surfer headed out with life jacket to angler

Huge thanks to Thelma Elizabeth for calling in this young man’s rescue, she sent us the pictures and video. “Rescue at the inlet today fishermen got stranded on the south side jetty in the tower when the tide came in today.  I called the Coast Guard and he was rescued by the Coast Guard and some Brave Surfers.    The Coast Guard didn’t think they would be able to rescue the Fisherman because of the big Waves and Rocks….so they called the Bethany fire department for the Swift water rescue…..but by the time they got there the Fisherman had been picked up out of the inlet….The two Surfers really saved the fisherman they were very Brave… was a long ordeal for the Poor Fisherman…. The two Surfers went out to help the fishermen and took him a life jacket that the Coast Guard brought.  After a big wave hit all three of them, they were washed into the inlet and the Coast Guard pick them up.  The poor fishermen had been stranded out there for over 2 hours”

Not twenty four hours later a kayaker was plucked from the water near the point by Brian Stier while he was jet ski fishing.  The kayaker fell out of his kayak, he couldn’t get back in, and had lost his paddle.  Brian helped him get situated and sent him back to land.  The kayaker was lucky Brian was around, even though he was out there with a friend, they (kayakers) could not get him back in his kayak.  I am sure he was out trying to catch the bluefish and possibly not too familiar with that area.  The harbor of safe refuge despite its name can be dangerous for a kayaker.  Currents come up quick in there when the tide shifts, and can pull you out to sea.  Brian said the kayaker was wearing street clothes.  It is way too cold in that water to not have on the proper wet gear.  That water will suck your body temperature out and cramp up your muscles.  That kayaker is lucky he did not drown.  Be safe and smart out there when chasing these fish.

Fish On!!

Rich King

indian river coast guard, the 47, delaware, sussex county, water rescue
Thelma Elizabeth … Indian River Coast Guard pulling angler from the inlet.


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