All Species Fishing Tournament Update

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all species fishing tournament, delaware, sussex county,
9 of hearts is this week’s card starting May 2nd

The All Species Fishing Tournament  was started last year to coincide with our fish ID page.  We decided to set it up so that everyone had to catch at least one species from a list.  First person to fill the list wins.  This is an online contest, and has been rather fun to watch.  Participants have a weekly card they have to hold in a picture of the fish they catch and enter.  Creel sizes do not matter just the fish species.  It has been fun and last years winner Frank Payton Sr. is in the lead but not by much.  This is a nine month contest and you can enter at any time.  The reason to have it over such a long period of time was to hit all of the fishing seasons, and to give everyone a chance to work on their lists.  Just so everyone knows, this year so far there are only 19 people signed up.  Last year only 41 signed up.  That is pretty good odds to win some money fishing.  You can sign up at any time.  

Entry fee is $50 and include a special tournament T shirt and a deck of DSF playing cards. ( cost includes free shipping in the continental US)

Prizes will be …

$750 … First Prize…  DSF Hoodie, DSF T shirt

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$500 .. Second Prize … DSF Hoodie

$250 … Third Prize … DSF T shirt

Registration is a 2 part process.  In order to register, fill out the information on the form and hit submit.  The page will refresh and then you have to fill in the submit payment form

Fish On!!

Rich King



Photos of catches to date on our Facebook album 

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