A Crappie Day Of Fishing Is Better Than A Good Day at Work or School

The fishing has been getting better and better. We have been seeing more and more short bass in the surf as well as some keepers, and many other places. Massey’s Landing at night should be hot under the lights at the pier and the courtesy dock. Cupola park is seeing some action, basically all over the inland bays. Find a rip or structure and start fishing. If you expect to hit a spot and start to instantly catch, you are in for a disappointment. You have to actually fish and put in a little time to catch, sometimes it is instant action and others it is not.

Water temperatures in Massey’s Ditch crashed a little from the cold snap but are back on the rise.

The freshwater fishing has been picking up across the board for many species, even snakeheads are hitting. Crappie action has picked up, and white perch as well. Last weekend there wasn’t a spot on the Broadkill River banks that wasn’t full of people. “Dude there is guy on the bridge with a surf rod hammering perch” That was a report from a friend, my response was I will go on Monday.

There are keeper bass being caught. The hardest part of catching a keeper right now is getting a female to bite, they are more concerned with dropping their eggs than eating. Once they spawn out it is game on. The big males will bite all day long. Females will too, but it is harder to entice them to bite, they are headed to spawn not feed. Don’t get me wring they still feed but not in the blitzes when they are schooled up and feeding after the spawn.
Personally I feel we need to leave the breeders alone and that goes for all species, not just the “precious” striped bass.

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Bunker in the net on Thursday caught by Richard King at Port Penn Bait and Tackle, I go out daily so long as the weather holds.

Fresh bunker are hitting the shops, Richard King at Port Penn Bait and Tackle has been filling the nets up each morning. Get while they are fresh. Bloodworms is the go to right now for striped bass, especially in the darker northern waters. I ti easier to smell the food than see it and hit. Down here we are doing well with both, I prefer lures it is more fun in my opinion and I don’t have to buy bloodworms. Fishbites believe it or not are even working, whether it is the scent or color remains to be known, but people are using them and catching fish.

Water temperatures will pick back up, as we warm back up over the next few days. The cold recently crashed temperatures by several degrees, but the fish were still feeding. The rain over the weekend won’t be much fun, but the weather is what it is whether we like it or not. Saturday looks better and you know how the weather is here, it will change in fifteen minutes.

Fish On!
Rich King

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