2016 Delaware Jet Ski Fishing Tournament Results

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jet ski fishing, delaware, sussex county, holts landing state park
Jim Toogood and his decked out ski

It was great meeting everyone today.  I want to thank you all for coming out and participating.
First and foremost I want to thank Michael Duncan at Helly Hansen for the killer prizes.  Reelsnot, Maverick Fish Hunter, and Diamond State Custom Tackle’s donations for prizes.  Big thanks to Midway Fitness & Raquetball, Techno Goober, and Delaware Surf Fishing for sponsoring the event.  We raised over $800 for Children’s Beach house through tournament entries and sponsor donations.  I had a blast setting up Delaware’s first annual Jet Ski Fishing tournament.  Look for more to come, possibly in the next couple of months.  We will have a few next year for sure.


delaware, sussex county, holts landing state park, jet ski fishing, tournaments
The end of the day everyone lined up for awards and to load up skis.
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The day started out beautiful, thankfully the weatherman was off and we had clear skies, and mild breezes.  The anglers set up at Holts Landing State Park or they came across from other boat ramps.  We got everyone squared away on the rules and away they went.  The take off looked like “Hell’s Anglers on a mission to go fishin”  It was a while but the first fish was scored by Jim Toogood.  A seventeen inch flounder that  he opted to keep and skip the extra point.  Unfortunately that was the only fish scored, but the anglers had a blast.  Rob Jones even tried to pull off that boat everyone saw stuck on the sandbar. Not much doing on a Sea Doo but he gave it a shot in the middle of a tournament.  Jim Too”damn”good “At Fishin” from New Jersey  took first place today.

 Michael Duncan from Helly Hansen presenting first prize to Jim Toogood (left)
Michael Duncan from Helly Hansen presenting first prize to Jim Too “damn” good “at fishin” (left)

We drew coins to see who would win the other places.  Tom Soska from Virginia came in second.  Cody Meade from Pennsylvania came in third.  We didn’t have a smallest fish caught so we gave that prize to Jacob Stier since he was our only “teenage” angler today.  If I say kid he will let me know about it, so call him a teenager!  He had a blast fishing today with his dad Brian, cool little dude.  Rob Jones drew for the bluefish Calcutta.  We went down the line and everyone went home with something.  It was a great day I want to thank everyone again for making this happen.  We are going to have some more fun next time.  In two weeks you will be able to see some footage on Outdoors Delmarva about the tournament.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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