You Can Ride Stifler’s Mom In Lewes

Mrs. Robinson Redux, Stifler’s Mom, the original cougar is offering rides in Lewes

You never know what you will see at the docks in any marina, USA. Lewes, Delaware is no exception, from fish carcasses nailed to posts, distance peeing contests in the canal after a night of drinking (fire chief won that one), and now we have … riding Stifler’s Mom. A charter offering a variety of services to satisfy any anglers need for a tug …

Stiflers Mom Charters, lewes, delaware
Only one chair for the ride of your life on Stifler’s Mom and a good hose to cool you down for the rougher rides.
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Stifler’s Mom is the perfect charter to take your favorite stripper, striper fishing, but bring her own pole. They have a catch your own crabs service that is really unique. I don’t want to spoil that one for you, but Jimmy hasn’t been able to sit down for a week.

During the booze cruise, make sure that single malt scotch is aged 18 years, just the way the she likes it. There are no rules when you are riding Stifler’s Mom, anything goes. Just don’t tell anyone what happened that one time at fish camp and leave the apple pies at home. A ride on Stifler’s Mom is all you need.

She is dry docked now, being lubed up for the coming season. One trip offered that would be fun is Tracking The Lewes Cougar or Chasing the orca that migrates through the canal

Stiflers Mom Charters, lewes, delaware
Stiflers Mom is all dried up, and needs a good lubing for the coming season.

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