Woodland beach porta pot is burned

FROM …. Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police

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Woodland beach porta potty is burned
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Officer Field Report, Wednesday 7/15/15:
SCpl. Grehofsky reports that there have been continued after hours issues occurring at the Woodland Beach fishing pier and parking area. She would like to remind everyone that these activities are not only affecting our anglers and wildlife area users but it directly affects the residents of the town that live adjacent to this property. There have been recent reports of subjects loitering in the parking lot, loud noise/music, speeding, spinning tires and most recently arson to the Porta-Pots.
To report illegal activities in State Wildlife Areas or to contact officers to provide information on these issues contact the dispatch center at: 1-800-523-3336.
Be advised that all Delaware Fish & Wildlife areas are closed from sunset to sunrise unless legally engaged in permitted activities, for example: actively fishing from the pier and/or the beach. For additional regulations please visit Fish & Wildilfe’s home page:

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