Whale Spotted Off Bethany Beach


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Whale seen off Bethany Beach this weekend … photo by Chris Bason of the Center for the inland Bays

This weekend while we were fishing the tournament a whale was spotted off Bethany’s town beach.  It was working (feeding on) the baitfish with the dolphins.  I do not know the type of whale spotted off Bethany at this time, but it may have been a humpback.  Another whale was also spotted by Fish and Wildlife Enforcement officer  SCpl. Howell  in the Delaware Bay a few days ago.  That one was identified as a minke whale by Suzanne Thurman of the MERR Institute in Lewes Delaware.  Boaters have been asked to keep a safe distance from any whales for safety purposes.   We see all kinds of whales in our waters all of the time.  Several people saw a (this) whale near site 10 this weekend.  The one near Bethany Beach stole the show from the Triathlon while it was feeding, entertaining the spectators.

minke whale, delaware bay, sussex county, whale watching, dnrec, fish and wildlife
Minke whale in Delaware bay … photo by Senior Corporal Jeff Howell
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We were entertained by porpoises feeding on bunker and bluefish on Sunday, however we were not amused about the fact that usually scares off the fish and makes catching a challenge to non existent.  Then again all we were catching were tiny bluefish upwards of thirteen inches, so I guess the show made up for that fact.  Apparently there were a lot of large bluefish off the point in Cape Henlopen State Park.   You just never know what is going to pop up in the water while you are on the coast.  Not long ago a manta ray was seen breaching near the beach in Ocean City.  We also had a manatee in the Delaware River and C&D canal this summer.  These are rare occurrence for these waters, but they do happen.  This has been an interesting year for rare catches and sightings in Delaware waters.  Wonder what will pop up next?

Fish On!!

Rich King

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