Whale Spotted Near The Beach in OCMD


whale, OCMD, delaware, sussex county
Whale Spotted near the beach in OCMD by Seas, Sands and Skies

Earlier today a whale was spotted near the beach at 52nd street in Ocean City, by Laura Seigel Powell owner of Sea, Sands and Skies. ” It was just cruising by it barely breached.”   A good sign that there are fish out there and lots of bait to feed on.  Hopefully this means the striped bass are soon to come if not already  here.  It has been a skating rink and dog pound in the surf the last few days for many anglers but some short striped bass are still being caught off the beach.  They are still schooling heavy in the back bays as well.  The majority of fish being caught are resident striped bass even the smaller keepers.  The large striped bass everyone is getting excited over that was posted yesterday by Rick’sBait and Tackle, has gotten everyone stirred up.  There are about fifteen boats in front of Bethany right now fishing the bumps.  Lots of bait in the surf and whale sightings  certainly helps, we shall see how that works out later today.

OCMD, whale sighting
Whale Spotted near the beach in OCMD by Seas, Sands and Skies
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If you want  a better chance of striped bass in the surf, stop chunking cut bait and toss lures.  Cut bait will guarantee you a scavenger more than a lure will.  Spoons, plugs, bucktails and swim shads are your best bet.  Work the areas above cuts in the water to find fish feeding on stirred up bait and food.  This is where we have been catching them on small white swim shads during the day.  If an area doesn’t produce after a while, move.  A luxury we have in the off season and weekdays, no one is out there.  If you are fishing the back bays look for grass lines along mud banks and nervous water.  Do not drive the boat into a school if you find one, stay away and cast into them.  For the most part the major schools of the migration are still almost eighty miles north of us but it won’t be long now. There were so many boats off the jersey shore yesterday you couldn’t see the horizon.   Might be the time to take the ferry to Cape May for the day and do some jetty fishing or take a long boat ride north.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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