Weekend Outlook For Surf Fishing … It’s Gonna Get Nautical

I would still go surf fishing just mind the weather.

(March 11, 2022) … Nasty storm incoming this weekend, heard possible snow at the end of the mess. After this weather expect the fishing to start picking up and continue into spring. Short striped bass are already getting more active around the inland bays. Water temperatures are popping off. The Delaware commercial anglers are seeing tons of bunker and some big striped bass in their nets. Striped bass that normally they don’t see for a couple weeks. “We started seeing some of the bigger fish from day one when we started in the beginning of March” The migration is arriving kids, this is the early arrivals and they are on massive bunker schools in the Delaware bay.

striped bass, circle hook regulations
DS Custom Tackle 6/0 Circle Hook high low rig for striped bass

We are finding sand fleas in warm sand at low tides in about six inches of sand. They have been much deeper the past few days and will be into the weekend. A sand flea on a high low six aught circle hook rig is perfect in the wash area with a small pyramid sinker. Just enough to barely hold bottom, but let it break loose to get some action. DS Custom Tackle just finished up a load of striped bass rigs and will be available online and in their partner shop locations throughout Delmarva.

Sand Fleas Dug up during the warm spell at low tide at Cape Henlopen by Adam Aguado
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Water temperatures are slowly climbing. The cold shifts don’t help, but once fish start to feed they tend to not care. Masseys ditch hit fifty-six degrees a few days ago. The magic number for striped bass to put on the feed bag is around fifty-one degrees. All the inland bay waterways are alive with schooling striped bass in active water. The feed bag is on, just a little slower on the colder days. Small bucktails tied in tandem or swim shads work great.

Masseys Ditch water temperature chart form the past week.

You won’t catch from the couch. Get out and fish. This time of year by the time you hear about any action it is long over. Be the report, not the one reading it on the couch while holding your rod. The Delaware commercial anglers are already seeing some of the big migratory striped bass in their nets in the Delaware Bay. The bunker along the coast is being worn out by boats, wildlife, and washing up on shore.

Have a great weekend

Bunker on beach plum long lines of dead fish.

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