We got spot!

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Spot caught by Alex Neiss today in a cast net at Indian River bay

Spot are here!!!  Not in huge amounts but they are here.  Alex Neiss was throwing a cast net today along the Indian River bay and caught a small spot and a pin fish.  So we are starting to see spot and that is good news for flounder pounders.  The candy is here for all you bait anglers.  I have no idea how long it will take for them to show up in bait shops.   It is just good to see a spot show up in the bays, finally, and hopefully Alex didn’t catch the only one.  Lots of other bait fish out there to catch and use, but everyone has been waiting for spot to show up.  Flounder are also hitting nuclear chicken split tail gulp as the most popular artificial baits, or just the regular nuclear chicken.  White and Chartreuse gulp are also working.  Minnows are always a good option for drifting.  Don’t forget mullet is around the inland bays as well.  Speaking of that, cut mullet was working great for kingfish bait today in the surf at 3Rs.  The incoming tide was producing very nice sized kingfish or whiting.  Fishbites bloodworm formula is still working well but the mullet chunks are working better.  Small sandlfeas are a great bait in the surf too, you just have to scoop up a few for top and bottom rigs.  The ones the size of a dime to nickel are the best.  We fed alot of fish today and needed smaller hooks, I have to repack the truck for the next trip.

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Salps and sandfleas

Salps are still washing up, but not as bad with the west winds.  The surf temperature is averaging seventy-five degrees.  Masseys landing has been fluctuating between  seventy four and eighty degrees at the low tides.  The overall temperature of the inland bays has been increasing roughly a half degree a day.  The weather is much nicer with less humidity, hopefully we will see that all weekend despite the possible rain tomorrow.   3rs is still closed at the north end about 100 yards before the southside walk on beach.  You can’t drive on it, but you can fish there, so walking in would be a possibility.  Best to get there via the southside parking lot walk on access in the far corner of the parking lot.  Do not park by the closed section and walk in, the stacking law is of course still in affect.  Small bluefish are also around the surf, try mullet rigs.

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New signs, Drive on beaches are multi-use beaches. This means anyone can use the beach anywhere.

Offshore action has been hot for tuna, mahi, and the first wahoo showed up at Lewes Harbor Marina the other day.  Shark action is good out there and a lot of off shore fish are closer than normal due to the warmer water.  We haven’t seen any more portuguese man o wars but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of the possibility.  All it takes is a solid west wind to push them to shore.  Sea bass action is still good out there.   Croaker action is hot everywhere, even the surf when they show up.  Once you get into them it is hard to get away from them.  Lots of good-sized croaker make a great meal, think of them like panfish.  Don’t forget it is slot season for striped bass in the Delaware Bay and her tributaries.  Tautog doesn’t start till next Friday, but I would bet dollars to donuts you could get into some nice trigger action at the inner and outer walls, not to mention slot striped bass,flounder, and croaker.   Traffic was a  bear today early in the afternoon so hopefully everyone already arrived and it won’t be as bad tomorrow south bound on route 1.  It will  be bad here regardless, and that is just a given this time of year, plan accordingly.  Have a great weekend.  See you tomorrow at the kids tournament in Milton.  Check our business directory for a bait shop near you, or if you are looking for a fishing charter and other great businesses.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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