Watch Out For Nails On The Beach

Palette bonfire burn area in the middle of the drive on lane, do not drive through this.

We find a lot of burnt areas on the beaches during weekly clean ups, and these are from fires. You are not allowed to have an open fire on the sand in a Delaware State Park. You can have a fire in a metal container or grill. The town beaches have their own rules as do the bay beach communities, such as Broadkill Beach. Some bay beaches don’t have communities. bottle

Nail in the ashes and coals from a palette fire on the beach

If you see a spot on the sand that is black and full of old coals do not drive across that area. There have been a few palette fires at Beach Plum Island state park. These palettes leave behind nails when burned. No one cleans these up, the nails stay on the beach until they rust and disintegrate which can take a long time.
Last year we found one that flamed back up as soon as we moved a few pieces of debris. We had to call the fire department and we poured ten buckets of water on it. That could have set the entire, protected marsh on fire behind Beach Plum Island.

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Nail in the ashes and coals from a palette fire on the beach

Be wary when you are driving on the beach. Especially near the wrack line, (tidal debris line) it may contain pieces of wood with nails and broken glass. We see a lot of that as well. Once we found a piece of wood with a twelve inch spike. That would have taken out a whole tire.
I’d rather drive into a hole than over a nail. Well unless it was the truck sized holes at Fenwick Island. Please have fires responsibly and don’t use wood full of nails on the beach.
​Carrya can of fix a flat with yoru surf gear and a small commpressor. By the way starter fluid is great for fixing a tire that is popped off its bead. That is a fun story.
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Broken Corona bottle on Tower beach

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