Trout opens at Tidbury and Newton ponds on Saturday

Delaying trout season is probably a first for Delaware.

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Newton Pond frozen over on March 9th

Ponds are still frozen over but with the warm up this week we are hoping to see little to no ice.  I dropped by Newton pond today and there is still a significant amount of ice on the pond.  Actually pond is an understatement Newton is more like a fishbowl.  Normally it is a catch and release only pond for bass and bluegill.  There will be a lot of trout in there after stocking on Thursday.  There is a small boat ramp for non motorized boats, and honestly if you dropped a motor boat in there you would barely be in gear before you ran into the other side.  Not to mention ripping off your lower unit in the process.  The ice is only around the fishing pier and the main pond area, but the sides where it is shallow has cleared near the pier parking lot.  Hopefully by Saturday it will all be clear.  Good luck everyone.

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