Tonight’s Full Worm Moon Is In Perigee

Tonight is the full worm moon and it is a super moon, or in perigee.

The march full moon is known as the Worm moon to many Native American tribes.  It is the time of year the snow melts, the ground gets softer, and earthworms start to emerge from the ground.  There are other names based on other signs of spring.
 The Crow Moon for the cawing of crows.  The Crust Moon named for the crust on the snow from constant thawing and freezing.  The Sap Moon represents the time of year maple trees are ready to tap for sap.  This was also known as the last moon of winter to Christian settlers and they called it the Lenten Moon.

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NASA_Supermoon_comparison By NASA/JPL-Caltech
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The full worm moon is also a super moon, meaning it is closer to the earth. This is also known as in perigee. When an object in orbit is closest to the center of the earth it is in perigee.
The moon has an elliptical orbit, not perfectly round. Because of that during certain points in its orbit, the moon is closer to earth and appears about thirty percent larger in the sky. When the moon is at its furthest away is called in apogee and appears smaller, or a micro-moon.
As far as fishing some like to fish the full moon, you can see your shadow on the beach during a full moon. No headlamps needed, which might make it better for fishing. Random light spooks fish.
Full moons are believed to trigger many reactions in nature. The spring tides are higher during a full moon. That will push fish closer to shore, increasing the chances of a better bite. This also occurs during a new moon.

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