ASMFC Virtual Winter Meeting Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board

Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board – Revised Agenda & Meeting Overview; Advisory Panel Comments on the Scope of New Options for Draft Amendment 7; Public Comment

Tomorrow January 26, 2022 from 1:30 – 5 PM is the Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board meets during the ASMFC’s winter meeting.
Striped Bass Draft Amendment 7 is on the discussion table. Everyone should be paying attention to this.

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Information you should be familiar with …

ASMFC 2022 Winter Meeting Preliminary Agenda, Public Comment Guidelines, And Meeting Details

Atlantic Striped Bass Board Approves Draft Amendment 7 PID For Public Comment

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ASMFC …. Public Comment Guidelines
To provide a fair opportunity for public input, the ISFMP Policy Board  approved the following guidelines for use at management board meetings.

For issues that are not on the agenda, management boards will continue to provide an opportunity to the public to bring matters of concern to the board’s attention at the start of each board meeting. Board chairs will ask members of the public to raise their hands to let the chair know they would like to speak. Depending upon the number of commenters, the board chair will decide how to allocate the available time on the agenda (typically 10 minutes) to the number of people who want to speak.

For topics that are on the agenda, but have not gone out for public comment, board chairs will provide limited opportunity for comment, taking into account the time allotted on the agenda for the topic. Chairs will have flexibility in deciding how to allocate comment opportunities; this could include hearing one comment in favor and one in opposition until the chair is satisfied further comment will not provide additional insight to the board.

For agenda action items that have already gone out for public comment, it is the Policy Board’s intent to end the occasional practice of allowing extensive and lengthy public comments. Currently, board chairs have the discretion to decide what public comment to allow in these circumstances.

In addition, the following timeline has been established for the submission of written comment for issues for which the Commission has NOT established a specific public comment period (i.e., in response to proposed management action). 

1.       Comments received 3 weeks prior to the start of the meeting (January 10) will be included in the briefing materials.

2.       Comments received by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, January 18 will be included in the supplemental materials.

3.       Comments received by 10:00 AM on Friday, January 21 will be distributed electronically to Commissioners/Board members prior to the meeting.

Comments should be submitted via email at All comments must clearly indicate the commenter’s expectation from the ASMFC staff regarding distrib

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