The Treasure We All Want To Find On Coin Beach

I bought a metal detector a couple years ago. It was cheaper to find the property markers with it, than to pay a survey company. Also, I really wanted a metal detector. So yeah, it was a good excuse. Since then I have used it for all kinds of useful things on the property and exploring for treasure. I’m up to thirty bucks in pocket change, a fishing reel, utensils, car parts, a lot of bullets, and old farm tools. I have yet to find any treasure, and I will always look when I go to the beach to surf fish. Especially now .

beach treasure chest

We all fantasize about finding treasure when you get a metal detector. We even fantasize we will find a pirate treasure chest washed up on a beach. Or maybe that’s just me.
Pauly Bag of Donuts and his Father in Law did both last week, after and during a stormy day. Much like today. You might remember these fellows. They found the Byzantine Follis a few years ago on Dewey Beach. They topped that a couple weeks ago. Yes I waited a hot minute to publish this too.

Piece of Eight form the 1670 to 1700’s also known as a cobb. Found on coin beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.

I get a text message a couple weeks ago. It’s from My buddy Pauly Bag of Donuts. Yes, that is a made up name for reasons. Anyway.
All I see is a picture of this coin and a message. Look what he found this time, wonder if it is real.
I dropped my phone in my lap and jumped on Google and Facebook. I message friends that detect and Dale at the Shipwreck museum. I tell Pauly if he has time I would like to see that coin. I told him according to the few I have talked to so far, if it is solid silver, you are ninety percent authentic. There are copies or fakes (casts) out there but that can be confirmed by an expert. Some were for counterfeit some were made later as casts for jewelry. My friend at Eastern Shore Metal Detectors said “Appears to be a Spanish 2 reale from the 1600’s. If it is real, and not a reproduction, it’s hard to say from the photos. It is an impressive find of a lifetime. What was the context it was found in? “

Piece of Eight form the 1670 to 1700’s also known as a cobb. Found on coin beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.
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His last question got me thinking. I messaged Pauly. Hey where did he find that coin and no worries, I will take that info to my grave, it is important for authentication. I already knew they were at coin beach I needed where on coin beach. Pauly tells me. It took me like two seconds. Bruh! Your father in law has either a real one, or a cast copy which is not common either. Need to get it looked at by a foreign coin dealer or we can see if Dale is around at the museum.
Based on what he told me I knew he found something that washed up probably in the past thirty six hours. I’m not telling you all which day this happened either. If you thought anglers were crazy about fishing spots, wait till you meet a hard core metal detectorist.

Piece of Eight form the 1670 to 1700’s also known as a cobb. Found on coin beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.

Pauly and his father in law dropped by the house the next day. I was able to see and hold this coin. It is defiantly solid heavy silver, without a doubt it is real. Now to find out when, and what. We text Dale, and we wait …
While we wait they tell me the story.
Pauly … I was fishing the rocks and he was detecting coin beach like we always do when we come to the beach. The water was up a bit, but not as bad as the time we found that other coin in Dewey. I’m fishing and I see him stop abruptly, dig real fast, and then he looks at whatever he found. I figured must be a quarter. I used to throw change out there for fun for him. I bought him the detector for days at the beach to do something. When he found that Byzantine follis he accused me of putting it there, until he found out the value. Well when he looked at the thing is his hand again, he immediately scooped up all his stuff. Then he ran off the beach, Rich, he is 84 years old, the man doesn’t run. So I think to myself, he must have found something really good, I need to go check. I reel in my line and head to the parking lot. When I get to the vehicle he is sitting there out of breath, with an ear to ear smile. He shows me the coin. Holy S#*&^ …. I text you a picture like a minute later.

I thanked the boys for dropping by and showing me this treasure. It may be the only one I ever hold that was found metal detecting by someone I know on our beaches. Maybe one day I will find one too. I’m certainly not going to stop looking.

The boys heard from Dale and dropped by the Shipwreck Museum.
Dale confirmed … “Dale liked the coin, he said it was a piece of eight or a cobb from the 1670 to 1700’s. He was impressed. Said it was possibly from a passenger of the Faithful Steward. Or it came form something else but it is real. A find of a lifetime.”

So now imma go metal detecting tomorrow in that spot … not … nice find gentlemen!!

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Piece of Eight form the 1670 to 1700’s also known as a cobb. Found on coin beach in Delaware Seashore State Park.

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