The Tax Man Is In Town

A variety of fish to catch, and some are here to eat your catch

(May 21, 2021) … This half striped bass blitzed the beach last week. The sharks are in town and feeding on the striped bass as well as anything else around. David Moore “I wondered why the striped bass bite shut down.” They were doing okay on stripers and hoping for more drum and the Sand Tigers started hitting their baits at Assateague.
The tax man is here for the summer. Make sure you know the shark fishing rules for Delaware.

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assateague, sand tiger shark, tax man, the man in the grey suit
David Moore landed this sand tiger a few days ago at Assateague

The other small summer fish species are starting to show up in the surf. Kingfish (northern) are hitting more frequently on bloodworms or fishbites. Sand perch and spot are starting to show. Drum are still hitting. Short striped bass are hitting bloodworms. Occasional small bluefish on spoons. Just have to fish and see what happens.
There is a possibility of a bloodworm shortage again this year. Don’t buy them all up, they won’t store as well as gas in plastic bags and laundry baskets.

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