The Drum Are On The Run


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Lisa Knox with a 31 inch black drum … photo courtesy of Lewes Harbor Marina

A few years ago, about mid March, a friend of mine caught a fat black drum off Broadkill beach on bloodworms.   It was something we see, but not that often.  Then about two years ago the big black drum started running the bay beaches from Beach Plum Island State park to Slaughter Beach.  I’m not talking about the little twenty pounders, which is by no means a small fish, but the big eighty pounders were running the beach.  It. Was. Epic!  I means seriously, you could see them come in with the birds, then the rods would just bend with no forgiving.  One after another the entire beach would hook up with these beasts.  We were all throwing clam for bait, once we knew the drum run was on.  Well it may have started again for this year.  Once the run was really hot, eventually they moved off the surf and settled on the coral beds off slaughter beach and surrounding areas, like they always do.  The boats had a a great catch that year.  I am sure we will see a good run this year, but where remains to be seen. Last year the lower bay beaches were not as hot as the upper bay beaches.


black drum, surf fihsing, delaware, delaware seashore state park, sussex county, surf clam, atlantic ocean fish
Kimmie Faucher … Black Drum from the surf 2016
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Today … reported by Lewes Harbor Marina …  Lisa Knox had a nice day fishing the surf at Cape Henlopen State Park. This 31″ Black Drum fell for a fishbite in the flavor of bloodworm. Lisa also came close to landing a keeper size striper but sometimes it’s the fish that wins and came unbuttoned right at the beach. If that wasn’t enough to get any surf fishing people’s heart racing Lisa also had another nice fish hooked up that spit the hook before she could see it. Sounds like the time is right for hitting the sand, congrats to Lisa on a nice catch and good luck to those who venture out in the coming days.”  Well there you have it kids, the drum run of 2017 … is it on?  We will be out and about the next few days to find out for sure.  You will find these beasts in the ocean surf before the bay surf, because they have to get to the bay.   If they run the beaches we will see them in the surf.  Best way to catch them is surf clam for bait, and a rig that has six aught hook or better close tot he bottom.  Drum feed off the bottom and the closer your bait is to the bottom the better off you will be.

Fish On!

Rich King

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