The Delaware Orca Migration Has Begun In The Ditch

We were just outside of Long Neck, when the call came in from the Masseys toggers. “Your big fish is down here eating all our bait again!” Seems homeboy has gotten a taste for tautog bait. “He has been through here almost daily now begging for sand fleas, green crabs, and white leggers. He won’t do any tricks either. Stoopid fish just makes a lot of noise, and spits water at the boys until they feed him. He keeps scaring the fish, is there a creel limit on these?!!”

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Orca Breaching at the Indian River Inlet

Delaware Orca has decided to migrate the ditch at Masseys Landing this year … for snacks. Like a fat kid to cake too. We called up DS Custom Tackle and told them the boys at the ditch need a bigger rod, they suggested a bigger hook too. As usual they delivered. Now if we can just get that pesky marine mammal protection lifted for an afternoon. Gonna need to get a seal for bait too. The annual orca migration has started get yours while you can!

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If you don’t already know …. this is satire for April Fools Day our favorite internet holiday …. we would never harm an orca or any other marine mammal. We don’t even like harming live bait to catch another fish just to let it go.

hAppY ApRiL FoOLs dAY

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