Techno Goober’s “Frank Payton” Announces Run for County Council


Frank Payton of Milton has joined four other Republicans eyeing for the Sussex County Council seat for the 3rd District.

Payton, age 37, is a native Sussex Countian, raised on a farm outside of Milton, was part of the graduating Cape Henlopen class of 1997 & continued his education at Del Tech and the University of Delaware in Georgetown. “Sussex County is my life and I want to share my passion about this county with everyone in the 3rd district”, Frank stated.

Frank is passionate about his hometown & will bring a new perspective to the Council. As a newcomer to government processes, he will be able to implement what his district is wanting. “Just because things have always been done this way doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement”, indicated Frank.

As a successful business owner of Techno Goober, he feels that he will have the competitive edge in the race, relying on his team of talented Goobers to bring it all in an all out marketing extravaganza. The company was named after Goober Pyle, a character on the Andy Griffith Show.  Goober was responsible for fixing all the cars in Mayberry. “Just like Goober, I want to help fix the issues and possibly bring a little Mayberry back to the area”, Frank said with a smile.

Payton is married with 2 children and is currently serving on the boards of the Milton Chamber of Commerce, Andy & Opie – “Parents Fishing with Kids” Fishing Tournament, and the Milton St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In addition to his commitments to the various boards, he is the president of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association, and a member of the Milton Lion’s Club. “A community is only as strong as those that participate in its success, if you want a strong leader in the position, look at what they are doing for the community when you make your decision this year”, Frank urges everyone.

In lieu of contributing to the campaign, Frank would like everyone to spread the word about Techno Goober. As a local online marketing company, they are eager to help local businesses succeed online. If you really believe that Frank is running for County Council, you have to remember it is April fools day and this was just Frank’s way to say “April Fool’s” for now.  You never know what will happen in the future. If you got this far and got a good laugh, please go back to Facebook and share out the post to keep it going as much as we can take it.