Taylor Needs Skates And Dogfish For Research


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Clear nose skate .. photo by Matt Adams

Here is your chance to do something with all those skates and dogfish you are catching and help in some research.  Taylor Deemer who works at Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle, the shop at the Cape Henlopen fishing pier, needs our help.  This is limited to people who fish in the Lewes and Cape Henlopen State Park area so it is easier for him to collect specimens, and less stressful on the fish.  I don’t need to go into the traffic issues on a daily basis either.

  “Alright, finally got things set up where I could hold critters if people catch them. I guess the easiest way to do it would have people text me (302) 703-9049. As much as I hate putting my number out there I guess I gotta do it.  I am only collecting these specimens between 9 AM to 7 PM .  I can pick them up if they are within the Cape Henlopen state park or if they are returning to Lewes in a boat.  Waiting in traffic with a live fish is only going to stress them more.  I need them alive and in good shape no gut hooked ones please! small smooth dogfish under 25″ and clear nose skates”    Thanks … Taylor Deemer

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Scott Jost with his MONSTER dogfish from the surf

So now is your chance to help in some research and do something with all of those dogs and skates you’re catching.  If you want to collect these for Taylor I would use a cooler half full of water to collect them in and to keep the temperature stable.  Let him know ahead of time you are willing to get him some fish the day you are going too, that would be helpful for both of you.  He will set up a way to collect your fish and go from there.  Thank you and happy hunting.  Taylor is  researching the affects of ocean acidification on the olfactory systems of elasmobranchs.

Fish On!

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