Tautog opens Friday the 17th


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That blue port a Jon is not a trash can.

Tautog season is upon us this weekend.  I know many are excited to get out there and fish.  The offshore sturcture is full of triggers to boot, so that will be an added bonus.  One thing that comes with shore fishing for tautog is lots of trash.  I am not blaming any one group, but the influx of taug anglers seems to create a massive amount of trash every season.  Yesterday I was reminded of this at the southside of the Indian River Inlet when I saw a pile of trash next to the port a john.  The people who clean these are not responsible for picking up trash, in or near them.  People need to learn and follow the carry in and carry out rules.  If you bring it with you, take it with you, it is that simple.  The stuff you brought was heavier on the way in so taking it back out with you can’t be that much of a burden.  Thankfully there aren’t any chain link fences this year for people to hang thirty gallon trash bags on and then the birds tear them up to get food scraps.  The by product of that mess is lots of trash blowing into  the very waterway you are fishing.  I never understood why anyone would want to trash the very place they are fishing.  Hopefully with the new amenities of the campgrounds the parks will put in an effort to prevent this from happening.  Also, hanging a bag on the rail and leaving it there is littering and disrespectful.  Clean up after yourselves or go back home and trash your own backyard.  If you see someone leaving their trash behind, call them out, you have to fish here too and look at that mess.  We have to live in it!  Litterbugs are a dime a dozen these days and even locally we have issues.  Before any one group gets upset about this PSA, I seriously doubt tourists are bringing the couches and TVs we see dumped on our side and back roads.  The weekly beach clean ups we do in the off season produces trash that washes up from the rivers, streams, bays and ocean.

Fish On!!

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Rich King

A video of us catching kingfish on 3Rs beach yesterday … enjoy!

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