Sussex County Fields Of Purple

The farmers haven’t started plowing yet and the fields are changing colors daily. The fields on the way to Georgetown off Zoar road are two colors of purple. Muscari Armeniacum, called Grape Hyacinth is covering many of the fields in large patches. So are Purple Dead Nettles (Lamium purpureum ) and Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule). These make for some colorful scenery when driving.

purple dead nettles, henbit
Field of purple Dead Nettles and Henbit
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The Purple Dead Nettles can be used to make salves. You just have to make sure you pick the right plant as it looks a lot like Henbit. The Purple Dead Nettles is also edible and good in in pestos and salads. Watching signs of spring is more fun when I am fishing, but this is nice to see as well.

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