Surf fishing is good and the bays are alive as well with redfish, bluefish, and striped bass


redfish, red rum, puppy drum, channel bass, delaware surf fishing
Henry Busby with a 20 inch redfish he caught in the surf.

The beaches have survived, and are producing fish.  Yesterday Alex Stevens text me … “there is no one on the beach.”  I responded … “cool” … The next text was a picture of a flat tire in the sand.  Turns out they got sand in the stem, and the tire slow drained while they were fishing.  I told him I will be there in an hour just keep fishing, as if that were a problem.  We got the tire changed, and all was good.  The boys continued to fish, I headed into Dewey to check on things and drop by Sharky’s.  Won’t be long now, he will close up, and I will be “burrito-less” for a another winter.  I heard a great story yesterday.  Monty from the Starboard, a DSF sponsor, loaded up the mobile food truck they have, and drove the long way around the bay.  Anywhere they saw people working, they stopped and fed them … for free.  The final stop was on top of the bridge, and they fed all of the workers who cleared  route 1. I just think that is an amazing thing to do, and typical of Monty.  The man is good people without a doubt.  I headed towards Long Neck, and stopped by Oak Orchard to see how the governor’s visit went for some old neighbors and friends.  The area down there that constantly floods really needs to be fixed.  The drains are inadequate to move that much water.  There really needs to be a channel cut where the “gut” is in Riverdale, and bulkhead it off, with a bridge.  That  would solve all the flood problems there.  That is where all the water drains from the above neighborhoods, and there is a stream there to boot.  The water can not drain during a high tide when it is competing with an area that is already holding too much water.  That spot will stay flooded for days after a storm, due to inadequate drainage.

striped bass, striper, rockfish, delaware surf fishing
Bucktail Bob of Millsboro caught this Striper weighing 15.20 lbs and 33 inches long on a bucktail at IRI on 11-02-2012 … Photo by Bill’s Sport Shop
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Alex and his dad were catching smooth dogfish yesterday on Herring Point Beach in Cape Henlopen State Park.   I watched a guy near them drag a 3-4 footer up the beach when I arrived.  I really wish people would pick fish up, and not drag them through the sand.  It is not good for the fish, kinda like rolling around in sand paper.  They caught almost a dozen dogs, and called it a day.  Henry Busby was on Bethany Beach surf fishing catching 18- 20 inch redfish and lots of snapper blues.  He was using clam and mullet.  Cindy, Alan, and Nicole were catching redfish and blue fish near 3R’s beach. They had access to the private beaches there and fished for a while.  The pylons at the end of 3R’s were exposed nearly 6 feet, the beach has already started to fill back in, and they are only sticking 4 feet out of the sand now.  They were using mullet and bluefish for bait.  There were a lot of people running around yesterday looking for a place to fish, and we hope Delaware Seashore State Park is open soon, so we can access the northern side of the Indian River Inlet.  The Charles W. Cullen Bridge was opened last evening.  Be careful out there gang.  Remember there are many coming here to fish this fall, since our beaches, piers, and bays survived.  Delaware did get lucky compared to other places.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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