Surf fishing has been hot for the blues

puppy drum, red drum, redfish, 3rs beach, delaware seashore state park. delaware surf fishing
Frank Harrison’s son Tommy and Jake his nephew with one of the redfish they caught. Also known as puppy drum and channel bass depending on where you live.

Everyone who has hit the surf in the past few days has been either straight hammering bluefish, or just catching a few.  Jerry Hirst and crew were catching blues all day long on Tuesday.  Karen said they hit over  50 fish and decided they were too tired to continue, took home the keepers, and smoked them for dinner.  I am looking forward to trying that fish, and also seeing Jerry’s oyster bins.  He grows oysters for the Center of the Inland Bays’ oyster restoration program.  Which is a very interesting  and needed program, that is always looking for volunteers.  If you live on the water of the bays, you could help, and grow oysters.  It is like gardening in your back yard, just in the water.  Speaking of the Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) , the director, Chris Bason was fishing the outer wall from a yak with his buddy Chad.  The other day they hit keeper trout, tautog, and sheepshead.  They were on the outer wall, and well, Edward Jackson brought up some good advice for that … “They  caught the fish at outer wall. Be careful if you venture out there in a yak!  Bring all your safety gear: VHF, whistle, PFD, file a float plan, etc. Check for winds going against tide. No Joke. Last time I paddled out there, took me almost 1.5 hours to paddle back to point parking lot.”  Thanks Ed, that is solid advice.  Frank Harrison did a little surf fishing this week …  “I was at 3R’s on Sunday with my father, brother-in-law, my son and nephew. We didn’t have the time to put our poles in the holders, the fishing was awesome. Caught several blues, small flounders, one big sheepshead and my son caught 2 big redfish. His biggest fish he caught is in my profile pic. What an awesome day!”   Good Stuff Frank!!

red drum, red fish, puppy drum, channel bass, delaware surf fishing, delaware seashore state park
Brian Parker with his first redfish/puppy drum/ channel bass from the surf in Delaware on 3R’s Beach in Delaware Seashore State Park

On Wednesday I was on the computer (big shock, right?), and friends were blowing DSF’s Facebook page up with pictures from the surf.  Everyone was catching like crazy, in the surf, the inlets, and the back bays.  I was posting pictures and reports, on our DSF Facebook page, and giving live updated reports.  I was stuck home working on another project, MSF and ASF.  People were reading the reports, heading to the beach, continuing where the morning anglers left off, by sending in more reports.  It was fun/insane to watch this online between … working on the new sites,  talking on the phone, working with new sponsors, fishing Broadkill beach for trout all day, and looking for sea glass.  Hey, we all need a hobby.  It was fun “watching” everyone catch fish on the Internet, the same place everyone thinks I fish.  Reports went like this … just in from Reverend Robert DiGiacomo …. Popping snapper blues left and right at 3R’s my boy Matt Jeffery has caught a fish on every cast. We must be in a good hole because no one else on the beach is catching.”  Then another would pop up … from, Fenwick Island, 3R’s beach, herring Point, and Conquest beach.  Those reports were coming in as well.  All of the beaches were producing fish this week.  Some of the better “cuts” were holding fish and the rest were nearly empty.  There were a few that caught less blues but more redfish/puppy drum/channel bass (name I recently learned).  I forgot to mention, I have been in Maryland for the past few days, checking things out for the AMSA tournament, and the launching of our new web site, Maryland Surf Fishing.  You can check MSF’s Facebook page for updates and new information.  Speaking of,  I have friends in MD that call redfish, channel bass.  You have to love how fish names change in only 30 miles, and many do not know the different name is the same fish.  I call the fish I catch … Mine.

striper, striped bass, rockfish, delaware surf fishing, Fenwick Island
Brandy Parker with a striped bass from the surf in Fenwick Island, and representing DSF in her new hoodie.
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Many of our sponsors fish and when they get the chance to go out there, we try to meet them.  That never works out all the time, but they have a blast anyway.  Brian and Brandy Parker of Parker and Son HVAC and Jim Mershon of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, surf fished Fenwick Island the other day.  They hit everything, and I was live with them as well, pictures and reports were coming in just as fast as DSSP was blowing up with bluefish.  At one point I told them just send me a species list, and save some time.  Okay, was the response:   Spot,  Sheepshead,  Pompano,  Flounder,  Black drum,  Bluefish, Red drum, Striper.  That was the quick list, and then a barrage of pictures followed.  They ripped up the surf that afternoon sending updates as well … “Mike long caught red drum off fishbites.  Brian Parker caught his first redfish.”  They had a great day on the surf, and stayed very warm in their new DSF hoodies.  They were catching with fishbites and mullet chunks.  Some folks have been doing well with fresh spot, especially for trout.  The Indian River Inlet has been hot, to not, for bluefish action.  Doug had a nice day yesterday morning … “Pulled up to the inlet found an empty parking lot, and the water literally boiling with blues, limited out in 1.5 hrs and had at least 30 hook ups. My arms hurt, time for breakfast, bait, and beach. Oh yes, all on a silver spoon w/white buck tail.”  That is my favorite time to fish the inlet.  A few keeper stripers have come off the rail the last few days, fish are still schooling up and will start showing up soon.  Everyone is just dying for the fall run to start, be careful what you wish for, so it is not over before it even starts.

I want to send a shout out to my buddy Jay (I don’t want to spoil it), he knows whom he is, Thank you for the information sir!  We are getting very excited over here in Delaware, and Thank you for the warm welcome to Maryland, that was cool and a first.  This is going to be a ton of fun … Epic … (voice of Chief Brody in Jaws) …  we are gonna need a bigger server.  🙂

Fish On!!

Rich King

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