Stripers To The North Of Us, Drum And Flounder To The South And Here We Are Stuck in The Middle with Perch

Spring fishing is about to perk up in Delaware

(March 14, 2022) … Love the beginning of spring, you never know what will pop up first. You can guess, because it is usually one of a few culprits. So far we have striped bass in the Delaware Bay feeding heavy and now, Black Drum off Assateague and flounder in the bays of Chincoteague, reported by Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle..
Josh Barfield landed this big black drum this morning, the first fish on his new reel. Makes that catch that much more special. It isn’t a blitz or big “run”, but a very good sign things are starting. The Outer banks drum run has been underway too.

Forty two inch striped bass in a commercial net. Some big girls around the Delaware Bay

Meanwhile we are out here catching white perch with bloodworms and grass shrimp, just waiting on some bigger fish. There are plenty of the larger schooling bass around the Delaware Bay. There are also some large ones being caught in commercial nets in the forty plus inch range. With this weekend’s warm up, I expect to see some fish caught.

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Captain Steve’s Bait and Tackle has been reporting a few fish today and will be into the weekend.

Inland bay water temperatures continue to rise despite the nightly cool downs. Someone is going to land a flounder this weekend around the inland bays. Last week Masseys ditch hit fifty-six degrees. A quick cold back snap dropped to the forties. Now we are back climbing a degree more a day, into the lower fifties at 6 PM on Friday evening.

Get out and fish, sitting around waiting to hear about action is not how you do it this time of year.

There are sand fleas in the surf line just dig for them. Much easier at low tide with a high warm sun. The drum are feeding on them for sure, so are the striped bass.

The bunker schools are huge. Fish behind a school, you never know. Bunker heads are a favorite of large striped bass. We get plenty of early migratory fish that jsut swim past our shores and we never see them.

been exploring all day, lot of minnows in the shallows along the inland bay edges. The mummichugs are small but around. Fish the grass and muds banks for short striped bass schools. Learn to fish the inland bay marsh banks.

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Oysters and mussels growing on a marsh bank, exposed at low tide.

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