Stranded Atlantic sturgeon, and the surf produced dogfish, bluefish, redfish, puppy drum, ling cod, and striped bass

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This is the Atlantic sturgeon that washed up on the beach in Cape Henlopen State Park. Farther up the Delaware river people watch them “launch” out of the water, this is referred to a times as poor man’s whale watching.

Last week an Atlantic Sturgeon washed up on shore in Cape Henlopen State park.  We sent the picture to Associate Professor Dewayne Fox of Delaware State University, and asked him what he knew, coincidentally he was at a seminar about Sturgeon. “The sturgeon that washed up was an immature female that had her head crushed in by a boat.  My colleague at DNREC got the call.”  Thanks Dewayne, most appreciated as always.  When we posted the picture with this information on DSF’s Facebook page, his colleague from DNREC posted as well.  Matt Fisher, Fisheries Biologist, DE DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, I like people who live up to their name.  Matt commented on our page … “Thanks for posting this. I’m the DNREC colleague of Dewayne Fox that took the call. DE DF&W is interested in carcass reports of this endangered species.  This one was reported by CHSP while fresh, and we were able to do a full work up.”  I thanked Matt for his quick response, and asked him to send us anything that would help people if they encounter a sturgeon washed up on shore … “The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife is interested in receiving sturgeon carcass reports.  Please send a picture, location and date to or call 302-735-8650.  We are also interested in retrieving the carcass for samples.  Timely reports allow us to gather more information from this endangered species, that will ultimately aid our ability to manage, and restore this species.  Thank you, and stay safe out there!”   Thanks Matt, it is great to see folks like yourself interacting with the DSF Facebook page.  We have a lot of folks that follow, and interact with our page, always willing to help out when they feel it is needed.  Keep a wary eye out gang, and let these folks know if you encounter a dead sturgeon on our beaches or waters.

ling cod, spotted hake, cape henlopen state park, delaware surf fishing
A ling cod or spotted hake, caught by Jeff Wildonger caught at Cape Henlopen State Park.
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It was really chilly this weekend, and had it not been for the steady winds, we would have had some beautiful weather.  The wind has been steady blowing out there, and people had a hard time getting 8 ounces to hold bottom, especially on the incoming tides. A few redfish and striped bass (shorties) were caught in Delaware Seashore State Park on Saturday.  There were several ling cod, or spotted hake, dogfish,and bluefish caught off the point in Cape Henlopen State Park, Broadkill Beach, and Beach Plum Island.  Some of the ling cod were large enough to eat, we only keep the biggest ones, even though there isn’t a creel limit, and they are tasty.  I know a lot of people tried the surf this weekend.  The water today at high tide was hitting the dune base on coin beach in DSSP.  The surge at the Indian River Inlet was huge today, and ominous looking, crashing into the South jetty.  There were a few boats inside the inlet, and some folks on the rail.  Everyone I talked with came up donuts at the inlet this weekend, day or night.  My buddy Paul is looking for his tackle box that was left at the Indian River Inlet …  “Hey Rich… Have you heard about anyone finding a green 2 sided Plano tacklebox at the inlet?????? …bout as depressed as I could be… I packed all of my best stuff in that box a couple of weeks ago, and headed to the inlet, but I’m pretty sure I left it there. I was going to head down a few days ago, when I couldn’t find the tacklebox.”  If anyone has found this or saw it down there, please email us at the contact at the top right of the page, and we will get you in touch with Paul.  Losing gear at the inlet is the “norm” in the rocks, but losing a whole box of gear is very annoying.  Everyone have a great week, Thanksgiving is on its way, I have a bad cold, and the NyQuil is kicking in, so before I pass out on the keyboard ………

Fish on!!

Rich King


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