Spring Turkey season in Delaware

Spring Turkey season in Delaware

By … James Blackstock

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Turkey aka Thunder Chicken … Photo of James Blackstock

Spring time is finally here in Delaware, and for us hunters that means only one thing… Turkey Season! Birds are starting to show themselves now, and it won’t be long and those gobblers will be looking for love in all the wrong places.  

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In preparation for the upcoming season, I’ve picked up some new hunting gear, including a new Avian-X breeder hen decoy. The lifelike details on these decoys will fool even the wisest of old Toms, and I’m really impressed by the quality. I just can’t wait to try it out on a curious and love sick bird.

Since I will be attempting to take my long beard this season with archery gear, I’ve been practicing shooting my bow. Those who know me know this is nothing unusual, but it’s important to practice the way you plan on hunting. This means I’ll be practicing from a seated position, from within my ground blind, since that’s how I’m planning on harvesting my bird. I’ve also obviously begun scouting for the birds. It’s pretty easy when you see them flocked up and strutting their stuff out in the open, but sometimes you have to settle for less obvious signs to know there’s birds in your neck of the woods. Finding turkey feathers laying around or turkey tracks on the ground has to be the second best thing to actually seeing the birds themselves, but another thing I look for to know birds are actively working an area is finding freshly turned up leaves and scratches where they have been feeding. When you find an area like that, you will know you’re in the right spot.


It’s also a good time to get those calls out and get in a little practice right now. I personally enjoy sitting back and watching a little outdoor television while practicing in my living room, but anytime you can get a chance to practice is a good time. I know a few guys who practice their mouth calls while driving around in their vehicles, just make sure you are hands free while practicing behind the wheel. This is not a good time to practice your box calls. I would highly recommend NOT heading down to the nearest block of woods and start practicing on live birds. This is a great way to educate the birds of your presence, and you can be sure those calls won’t be as effective once they have been heard. You want those birds to be surprised and come running to them come opening morning.

Practice and preparation NOW is key, so that come opening morning, those thunder chickens won’t stand a chance!

Good luck to the hunters headed out for Youth Day on Saturday! May you have a safe and memorable hunt!

James Blackstock

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