Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine has expanded to include Sussex County

Rehoboth Beach, Georgetown, Ocean View, Milford and Seaford

(Dover July 12, 2022) … The Delaware Dept. of Agriculture extended the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine to include Sussex County. I didn’t think it would take too long for these to infest this area and they were spotted here few years ago (2019), just took a while to get established.
Rehoboth Beach, Georgetown, Ocean View, Milford and Seaford residents and businesses cannot move anything that may harbor the pest without taking precautions first.

Spotted Lanternfly Found In Sussex County

Lantern Flies Are Hitching Rides South On The Delaware River

For more information about precautions and treatments of egg masses. Spotted Lantern Fly Delaware Department of Agriculture.

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Spotted lantern fly

Emergency Regulations for Spotted Lanternfly

Delaware Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Locator

What Does the Delaware Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Mean?

Delaware Homeowner Spotted Lanternfly and Treatment Fact Sheet

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Spotted Lantern Fly Nymph

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