South Side Shoot Out 2015

Southern Delaware often gets pushed to the side when people speak of boardsports. Not exactly a reliable wave to talk about, and very often the least windy time of the year are the summer months when many people would love to come and try kite boarding. However, in one community of boarders, our beautiful beaches, and Dewey in particular, are a common name across the world. Skimboarders of every background know our waves in Dewey and this coming weekend, many of them will travel from all over the country to prove themselves in a skimboarding competition called the South Side Shoot Out.


South Side Shootout Schedule 2015, skimboarding in Delaaware, board sports
South Side Shootout Schedule 2015
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First, some background on the sport itself for anyone not familiar. Skimboarding is done on the shoreline of the beach, using a board that is smaller and thinner than most surfboards. As a wave hits the beach, the skimboard will sprint down the shore, dropping their boards on the ground in front of them while quickly stepping onto the board so as to transfer their running speed to ride their board across the water, and hopefully into a wave! If that seems like a lot of steps, it is! Delaware beaches are praised for their excellent skimming waves, is the same reason that makes other sports sometimes difficult. Our beaches have waves that break in a linear direction very close to shore. This set-up allows the skimboarders to have a better chance to run, catch the wave, and then ride it along the beach. This particular event, the South Side Shoot Out has competitors coming from as far as Brazil to prove their skills. It is the second stop on the United Skim Tour and is put on by Alley Oop Skim and Skim USA.

The SSS will be held at the inlet this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is a great opportunity to see some of the best skimboarders in the country as well as many of our local experts showing off their tricks all weekend. For those interesed in learning how to be a part of this sport, Alley-Oop and East of Maui have teamed up to offer you the high-quality skimboarding lessons always delivered by Alley-Oop and the best and most all inclusive, top quality skimboards and gear available. If you’re just in town for the week, or you live here and want to support your local athletes, head down to the South Side Shoot Out this weekend to see why skimboarders all over the world know Delaware, then stop into East of Maui to take Alley Oop lessons and be a part of it yourself!

Lexi Oleynik

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