Slow day surf fishing in Delaware … striped bass and blue fish in the Delaware bay

striped bass, delaware bay, Hen and chicken shoals
Caleb Shaw with a nice striped bass he caught this afternoon at the shoals.

The surf was beautiful today, according to everyone I didn’t get to meet out there.  I missed hanging OTW Sand Sticks, and You Snead This Gear in the surf.  Chris Barton caught a bunch of skates, and Jason Snead found a shark tooth. He posted the picture, and everyone decided it was a sand shark.  Chris Fortner said “Looks like a sand shark tooth, I saw enough of those this summer.”   We all did for about 3 weeks catching sharks for DSU.  We can’t figure out what it is by giving it to an expert, Jason has since lost the tooth.  Some where on conquest beach is a shark tooth, and not much fish.  He did make a nice shell message to his girlfriend, it was sappy, we all picked on him.  Yes, we do strange things when we get bored in the surf.  Most of the folks today I talked with, came up donuts.  Otherwise a lot of Spiny Dogfish sharks were caught, and skates, depending on which beach you were fishing.  The southern beaches seemed to be the least active.  I have not heard or seen much else from the surf today.  I fished Massey’s Landing at dusk on an out going tide.  Nothing was stirring, except the angry bird staccato from Raccoon Thicket Island, most likely the eagles.  I used to have an osprey as a neighbor, and that bird would chatter all day, this did not sound like an osprey.  It was interesting to listen to regardless.  The Charles W. Cullen Bridge lit up blue in the distance, and the temperature plummeted.  I decided to call it an evening.  Today was not a total loss fishing for some folks, I came up donuts.

love creek, dredge, crabbing bridge
Dredge set up to clean Love Creek.
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John French and his buddy Caleb Shaw were fishing the shoals today, and brought home a few keepers for dinner.  They released over 17 fish for a great day on the water, and even hit one large blue fish.  The boys saw a scallop boat out there, and the water looked really calm.  Earlier today I saw a friend when I was out and about, and his buddies tore into shorties at the Indian River Inlet this morning on flies.  Last few days for him has been slower there.  It was a beautiful day inland, and since I knew I would miss the beach, I had to check out the dredging at Love Creek marina off of route 24.  I walked up the crabbing bridge, and took a few pictures.  The water is getting clearer back here, it was crystal in Oak Orchard for at least 3 feet.  Massey’s Landing was clear today yet a tad cloudy at 2 feet.  The old “Boat Hole” marina is being dredged to the canal in Love Creek.  The storm damaged docks have been removed, and there are big plans for that area.  All of the slurry is being pumped into bags, that will hold the debris, and allow the water to escape or filter out.  The bags are already large but will stretch to 7 feet tall.  That should be interesting to see grow over the next few weeks.  The gentlemen dredging had to stop every few feet, and clean the dredge from ropes and all kinds of “junk”.  He has a tough job, I can not imagine what has collected there over the years.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow, and cool off as the week goes by, we shall see how the fishing progresses.

This has been an eventful last 36 hours, It is hard to concentrate, and not write what is going through my head.  Believe me there is a lot I would like to say.  My humblest condolences go out to the families, and loved ones that have lost.  That is all I can stomach right now.  Watching people blow up on Facebook, has been worse than the election.  Do not allow the media to tear you apart as a community, for the sake of ratings.

Rich King

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