Last Rehoboth Lifeguard stand seen offshore


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 Rehoboth Lifeguard stand seen 40 miles offshore … photo by Stefan Talabisco

Yesterday Stefan Talabisco, Josh,  and Jason  were headed offshore on the Full House with Captain Devon Willey, to fish for Big Eyes when they spotted another Rehoboth beach lifeguard stand about 40 miles off the coast near the Jackspot.  They contacted the Ocean City Coast Guard, and gave them the coordinates.   I do not know officially if this one was recovered, I was told by the Ocean City Coast Guard that there is still one stand out there, somewhere.   Keep an eye out when you are traveling off shore, these things have been like needles in a haystack.  Stefan and his buddies did not tow this one in due to the fact that is not a safe thing for many vessels to undertake.  If a boat hits one of these under full power it could cause some serious damage and even sink the vessel.  Whomever tossed these chairs in the ocean has created some dangerous conditions for boaters, if they are never caught I will just hope that karma catches up with them.  Granted this offense is old news, and even made national news, but it is still an issue for boaters near Delmarva.  Based on how far this was offshore, just about anyone headed to the canyons should be wary of this last hazard.

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Rehoboth Lifeguard stand seen floating near the Jackspot .. Photo by Stefan Talabisco
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Stefan is an aficionado of “selfies”, so I asked him why he didn’t get one in the chair.  “I really wanted to take a floating Rehoboth lifeguard chair selfie but the captain was not comfortable with that idea.  Safety first when at sea.  We didn’t see any mahi mahi around the chair either and we looked.    The captain marked the lifeguard stand on our plotter so we would not hit it on the way back, we were on our way to the Washington Canyon, we called in the coordinates about 2 P.M.  We did hook into two big eyes but lost one due to a cut line by another boat and after a two-hour fight lost the other when it threw the hook.  If you happen to see the last chair floating off shore please contact the nearest coast guard station so they can recover it.  We have enough junk floating around in the ocean, these are just an added safety hazard.  The fact they are white does help people spot them a little easier.

Fish On!!

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