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It is important to shop local and help those in your community as often as you can.  Check out our business directory for some ideas.  This ad was seen in the Delaware Craigslist, because nothing says I love you like a Velociraptor under the tree.  Have a fun weekend and remember to support your local businesses.  Checkout our online store over the next few days for some discounts and new items.

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Rich King

Velociraptor needs forever home (Cretaceous Period)

Velociraptor for sale locally
Velociraptor for sale locally

We can no longer keep her. We have a large family (well, had, until her) and she just eats too much. She will need lots of training. We take her to off leash park to play, but she doesn’t understand fetch as she brings back the other pets instead of the stick. Although the day after the park she does eat less.

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Our yard is large, but she won’t stay in the fenced area. I have to bring her in before the mail comes because apparently the USPS workers hate to run.

She is not house broken (but our house is broken).

She does play like the cats used to (haven’t seen them since we got her) with the laser pointer. The look on our friend’s faces when we aim the pointer at them is priceless!

She is about 56″ tall and weighs 187lbs (light, because her bones are hollow). She is in good health. Her teeth are bright white and her claws are trimmed. Except for the retractable ones, she is not fond of having those clipped and she is good at expressing her displeasure. Fortunately for groomer at Petco, Christiana Care is great at limb reattachment.

Please come and get her today. No rehome fee. I will include 2 bags Pruina Raptorchow and her leash (titanium chain).

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