Seals on Delaware Beaches and a fishing report

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Harbor Seal on the beach in Delaware .. photo by Kara Okonewski

We are now seeing harbor and gray seals on our beaches in Delaware.  One was seen today at Bayard street in Fenwick Island.  Friends from the MERR institute asked us to put up this information.  Please respect the space of these marine creatures and be careful around any others (seals) you may encounter on Delaware Beaches .  MERR is monitoring this seal’s health and the public’s safety, they also ask that you keep a distance of 150 feet.  Believe it or not this distance of 150 feet is a requirement from the state of Delaware, that is new information to me as well.  Thank You, for respecting these animals’ space when you are visiting our beaches. Yes we know they are cute and cool to see on the beach just be respectful.  If you would like to see a bunch of seals up close at the inner or outer walls at Cape Henlopen, take a seal or whale tour out of Lewes marina.  Several of the boats down there do these tours in the winter.  Remember you are in their habitat not the other way around, please respect their space and follow the 150 foot rule.  Thank you and have fun out there this weekend

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Rainbows in the wave spray on Fenwick Island
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This past Sunday several of us met on Fenwick Island and hit the beach at the South Bethany beach access for a little surf fishing.  Because when it is supposed to be 51 degrees in January that is what we do, go to the beach.  The wind was clippng a steady 15 mph from the West, and the waves were putting off some very cool rainbows in the spray.  Everyone geared up with squid or some fresh frozen bunker.  Casting was a dream with the wind at your back, not so much to stand around on the beach.  We had a good time just hanging out and remarking how we were the only ones crazy enough to be on the beach, until we saw a few random beach combers.  The wind was rather annoying, we all said it wasn’t bad at the houses, but that is par for the course when you go to the beach.  At least the DFM (Damn Fly Meter) was a negative four.  Heavy west winds usually brings in flies, but not in the dead of winter.  I stayed for about two hours and then had to head back, the rest of the diehards stuck it out a bit longer and even caught a skate.  Scott helped clean the beaches by catching a bag which he made a hat out of.  It was a good day at the beach regardless of the conditions, good people and great times.  Speaking of cleaning the beach, kudos to Jeff Weaver for pulling  bags of trash he collected off the beach on two different days.  Also big props to the ladies he saw carrying two bags of trash off the beaches the collected.  It is great when you see people cleaning up the beaches on their own, shows their true unselfish love for the environment and the beaches.   I spent the better part of three hours last night at the Surfrider of Delaware Foundation Chapter’s monthly meeting.  I am going to start helping these good folks get more information to all of you about issues in our state that we rarely hear about and they deal with all of the time.  We need better protection for our coasts and waterways.  Watchdogs if you will, to make sure the powers that be are doing what needs to be done.  Some of the issues covered last night  were real eye openers.  I will visit that subject again very soon, I have fifteen pages of notes to go over.  If you get a chance check out the Surfrider foundation of Delaware Chapter’s site and attend a meeting.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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