Seals at Massey’s Landing and flounder in the bays


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Brian Dunkelberger and crew’s striped bass

Yesterday Brian Dunkelberger was fishing up north below the C&D canal with friends, and they hit 2 keeper striped bass on bunker chunks.  Some of the boys up north saw a few weighed in at Port Penn as well.  Brian and crew lost a third fish, but are very happy they managed some nice dinner for the table.  Jeff Sands and his crew were fishing Augustine beach this weekend and today.  The Delaware river and the bays were calm today, which will help warm up the water.  The water temp at Massey’s Landing this morning was 49.5 degrees when the University of Delaware crew was there checking the water.  They said the dissolved oygen levesl were up as well, which is good news.  This afternoon the water was 52 degrees on the surface.  The water is warming up, but will not hold these temps permanently.  They will still fluctuate until the weather settles down, and we have solid temperatures at night.  It will take a few more days to weeks, and so long as we do not have too many more cold snaps.  There are bunker or hickory shad in our bays, we have seen several picked up by osprey, it just is hard to ID a half eaten fish, upside down.   Yesterday a 19 inch keeper flounder was caught by an “old salt” friend of mine.  He never takes pictures, but his word is golden, and the fish was checked by Fish and Wildlife Enforcement.  He is also missing out on a free T shirt for the first keeper flounder picture sent to DSF.  The flounder have been produced on the incoming tide, with minnows as far as we can tell.  The weather is now headed towards unseasonably warm this week, so we get to ride that roller coaster.  Unseasonably cold to warm, and my allergies are killing me! … Global warming is finally paying off.

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Seal sunning itself on the marsh at Massey’s Landing after fishing the ditch.
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Today I finally got to see the seal at Massey’s Landing.  For the past few days there has been one sunning on the marsh across form the rail. The tide is usually at its lowest when he shows up to fish.  You can see all kinds of bait fish running from him when he is hunting.  The boys have been talking about him for a few days, and I was hoping to get a glimpse of him today.  There were herons, eagles, and osprey all over the place.  A rather eventful day for mother nature at the ditch.  Massey’s Landing is always a great place to see wildlife, and just relax watching the tide run out of the ditch.  Very few boats on the water today, but a few were out there.  Tammy Lindsay and crew were fishing the haystacks yesterday, saw a few seals, and came up donuts on fish.  Yesterday we fished Beach Plum Island.  I caught a lot of grass and trash.  The beaches are covered in trash, mostly plastic. Every foot or so, there are small pieces of plastic everywhere.  It is truly disheartening to see this pollution.  I am going to work on organizing some beach clean up events soon.  We need to get some bodies out there and pick up this trash.  I have seen more red solo cups this year than ever.  Well played flip cup, well played.  People up north near our waterways really need to get better at pollution control.  You would be surprised at some of the junk we find floating in our waters.  Last year a buddy of mine caught a mahi-mahi that was under a refrigerator floating in the ocean.  Warmer waters are coming soon.  A friend of mine that prefers to fish the bluewater … “74 degree water 100nm SE of OCMD… IT WONT BE LONG NOW!!!!

Fish On!!

Rich King

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