Seal Watching In Rehoboth Bay

(April 2018) .. There are a lot of seals here this year.  Seems like we have more here every year.  A few years ago they were hanging out in groups around Masseys Landing on the banks of the ditch.  Yesterday Matt trucks was out scouting some places to flounder fish in his kayak when he spotted a few seals on one of the small islands.

“Once in a while a seal would follow us around while we were fishing.  We stayed as far away from them as we could.”   One thing is for sure if you want to know where the fish are schooling, birds are not the only indicators.  These seals are feeding on bunker and short striped bass.  The inland bays is loaded with bunker.  Find where the seals are hanging out and you might find some fish schools.

Fish On!
Rich King

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