Saturday’s Shooting Star Trifecta

The early Perseids are arriving, the Delta Aquarids peak Saturday night and the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower is in town and will peak soon. The Delta Aquarids peak this Saturday around midnight to early dawn is the best “peak” shower we will have for summer. If you saw that big greenie last night it was probably an early Delta fireball or earthgrazer.
The Perseids will not be a good show in mid August for that peak. It will coincide with the full moon, which really washes out most shooting stars, but no reason not to try. Just like fishing you never know what you will see. Also like in these pictures, the moon looks amazing at the beach.

Set up for some overnight surf fishing, cooking the dogs on the firepit, and star gazing. That streak is a spark not a shooting star .. Dave Andrew

Get the firepit for the dogs, hit the beach Saturday night, do some overnight surf fishing and watch the Delta Aquarids peak at a possible 10 to 20 per hour. Starting around midnight to early dawn. There are always many to see before midnight for you early birds. The waxing crescent moon will make it much easier to see faint shooting stars.
You will have a show for sure, with a killer soundtrack, the ocean. The “fireballs” or earth grazers light up the beach if you get lucky and see one. That big green one last night was bright. We had one years ago really light up the beach at 3R’s. Took a hot minute for our eyes to readjust to the dark. All of the month of August you can spot shooting stars, hit the beach at night it is the perfect time of year.

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