Saltwater Discovered on Mars, Rover Kicked Off For Not Actively Fishing

NASA discovers water on mars,
Marvin, a MPS ranger, kicking Rover off planet for not actively fishing.

NASA announced today that briny or saltwater has been discovered on Mars.  Immediately after the discovery the Mars Park Service ranger Marvin, kicked the rover off the planet for not actively fishing.  NASA is now working on a rod holder and the proper gear for surf fishing on Mars.  This is an important discovery as we are running out of beaches here on Earth to fish.   

However the newly discovered Mars plover is creating a few issues as to access points.  Also there have been reports of a Merrapin sighting, a rare rough back turtle species native to Mars’ beaches.  The summer months will be the best to fish in the balmy 70 degree weather.  Winter fishing will be slow since the temperatures will drop to minus sixty plus degrees.  Matching the hatch will be critical to fishing, we just aren’t sure what is swimming around up there yet.  Once NASA gets the Rover reequipped to fish and a proper MNP ORV tag we will get back to you.

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Fish On!!

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