Safeguard Your Surf Tags and Stickers From Theft

Stolen surf tags and stickers increased as surf tag sold out earlier each year

First off if you are stealing a surf tag or sticker it is useless. The sticker now matches the license plate of the vehicle. The best way to safeguard the sticker is to slice it a little with a razor blade. After you put the sticker on the tag, not before. If anyone tries to peel it off, the sticker comes off in pieces and is useless. A partial sticker is better than none. A replacement isn’t too much at any park office.

surf tag theft, surf tag protection
license plate locks anti theft on Amazon

Every year we get more messages about … What do I do to secure or safeguard my surf tag. For people with the black numbered tags this was a good question. Though that tag is equally worthless to try and use on a beach as yours and it kind of stands out. Which means so will your stupid. Yes those numbered black surf tags have been stolen before as well.

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Bell 22-1-45915-8 Anti-Theft License Plate Fastener

There are many kits online to secure your tags with screws. Just google license plate lock. the first one is a myriad of choices from Amazon of course. There are kits with screws, and frame kits. I like the Bell 22-1-45915-8 Anti-Theft License Plate Fastener with the two bolts. Easy to use and the wrench stays in the glove box. Put some grease on the threads to make the wrench’s job easier when you do need to take the Delaware surf fishing tag off.

surf tag theft, surf tag protection
magnetic license plate holder

For the folks that can’t use the front license plate bumper area and aren’t worried about the status symbol of a surf tag on the front of their vehicle all the time. The magnetic dealer tag kits are perfect. Put the tag on when you head out and throw it on the dash to display in the truck after you leave the beach. If a ranger asks, show them the magnets, your bumper, and leave it on the dash. At that point it is a park pass. Those belong on the inside of the car would be my argument. Or leave it on the front of the vehicle until you exit the park. Check your six on th ebeaxch if you hit big bumps for a lost magnetic tag. They are pretty strong though.

Zip tying the tag the front is one option but the ties break and the tag scratches the vehicle.
There is a hanging tag holder for dealers, and you can get a “strap on” version for the bumper. Good luck searching that one on amazon. Tell the kids to leave the room first.

If you have a beach beater and could care less about the bumper, just use some machine screws and send it.

Hope this helps, honestly the tag theft isn’t rampant, but it does occur. Checking for your tag and sticker before you drive onto the beach is a must. I’ve heard of violations for not having the surf tag or sticker on the vehicle. Despite it being stolen, that is when you discover the issue.

If anyone is looking to a steal a surf tag I recommend getting all of the above tools.

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